After 250 brainstorming sessions, 8000 cups of coffee and 2 bottles of Disaronno, of course to provide the coffee with an extra dimension; we are proud to announce that our new scan app is available for both Android and iOS!

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Our free app for your entrance management ensures that you can welcome visitors to your event in a professional manner. With the NOVOTIX Attendee Checkin app you can scan the tickets of your visitors using the camera of your mobile phone.

You can directly scan the barcode on a ticket with the camera of your mobile phone or tablet. Most importantly, the app syncs directly with the NOVOTIX Dashboard, collecting data that provides valuable insights for future events.

NOVOTIX Attendee Checkin
- A free entrance management tool that connects directly to the NOVOTIX Dashboard. As a result, you are informed in real-time of the turnout and ticket sales;
- Fast and reliable scanning to reduce queues;
- Check in your visitors by scanning tickets with your mobile phone;
- Synchronizes directly with the online database and gives the validated tickets live at multiple entrances;
- Detects fraud and duplicate tickets.

Key Features:
- Scan barcodes with your mobile phone's camera;
- Creating your own scan team from the NOVOTIX Dashboard. Specify which user has access to which event;
- Monitor attendance at any time through real-time insight into the number of tickets scanned;
- Collect valuable insights for evaluation;
- Use the guest list to look up visitors and check in immediately;
- Message each app user individually;
- Available in Dutch and English.