NOVO Secure


These rules do not apply to the refund of tickets in the event of cancellation or change of the scheduled event for which the tickets were purchased.

Tickets sold are not refundable or exchanged by Novotix. For any refund of sold tickets, you should in the first place contact the organizer of the event, whose contact details can be found on your e-ticket or on the website of the organizer. However, Novotix understands that in certain circumstances it is not possible to participate in the event for which you have the ticket bought. Below we give you an overview of the circumstances, rules and limits, including Novotix may be willing to consider the sale of your ticket as unrealized and to refund the purchase price of your ticket.

Circumstances and rules
The following conditions and rules must be fulfilled in parallel.

1. Novotix will only cancel the purchase of your ticket(s) if it is a "Novo Secure" ticket. A ticket is only a "Novo Secure" ticket if you bought and paid for the ticket through the designated application and you have chosen at that time to upgrade your ticket to a "Novo Secure" ticket.

2. The ticket must not have been used for the event for which you purchased the ticket.

3. You have the ticket up to 12 months before the originally scheduled date of the event bought.

4. You (or a family member) must request the cancellation of the ticket purchase for one of the following reasons:
a) Death of the ticket holder;
b) Serious illness or injury to the cardholder requiring hospitalization
for at least 48 hours and/or continued hospital outpatient care, making it is medically impossible to participate in the event for which the ticket was purchased, provided that all this has taken place have been medically established and confirmed by the attending physician / specialist;
c) Death of a blood relative and/or a person related to a marriage*, in the first and the cardholder's second degree, provided it is 30 days or less prior to the date of the event happens;
d) Serious illness or injury of a blood relative and/or a marriage person related person*, in the first or second degree of the cardholder, for which a hospitalization of at least 48 hours was required and provided it was 30 days or less happens before the date of the event and all this is medically established and confirmed by the attending physician / specialist;
e) If the ticket is in advance of a trip of at least three days (two overnight stays) purchased where the ticket gives access to an event that takes place during the journey and on the place of destination and that journey was canceled before departure due to one of the following reasons:
a. The occurrence of unforeseeable complications during the pregnancy of the cardholder or his or her partner with whom he or she lives permanently (such as determined in the municipal register);
b. Serious material damage as a result of fire, explosion or burglary in the home of the ticket holder, so that his presence is urgently required;
c. Involuntary unemployment of the ticket holder or a new job – after a period of involuntary unemployment – ​​making it impossible to take time off.

*The term "relative and/or person related to the marriage" means only and exclusively: First degree: the spouse or the
wife, the parents (at law) or foster parents, the children and the foster children and/or stepchildren of the cardholder. The partner who
lives permanently with the cardholder, as stated in the municipal register, is also considered a husband or wife
considered. Second degree: brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren of the ticket holder.

Novotix will never accept the cancellation and refund of the ticket purchase as the reason why you requesting the cancellation is due to:
• your own fault or
• COVID-19 or
• terrorism or
• a natural disaster.

Novotix will also never accept the cancellation and refund of the purchase of your ticket if you cancellation insurance for the ticket in question or if you have a refund settlement reached with the event organizer.

If Novotix is ​​willing to cancel the ticket purchase, the following rules will always apply:

• The refund is in all cases limited to the mere purchase price (face value) of the ticket, with the exclusion of all and any additional costs, including but not limited to the administration costs, service costs, transaction costs and exchange rate differences;

• The reimbursement is limited to EUR 150 per ticket. The difference with the purchase price of the ticket will be deducted by Novotix as administration costs.

• The refund is also limited to EUR 1,000 per person purchasing the tickets per calendar year (period from January 1 to December 31) and has effectively paid, the date on which the event for which the ticket was purchased takes place is decisive.

Procedure for requesting cancellation and refund and obligations
You can request your cancellation of your ticket purchase and refund of your ticket by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include here all relevant information regarding the cancellation, as well as the order number of the order.

The following obligations apply when submitting a cancellation request and refund of the purchase:

• You must submit your cancellation request as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days from the date of the respective event;

• You must send the application by email as complete as possible, with Novotix providing at least the following: requires ticket holder information:
a) Name and address details: salutation, first names, prefix, surname, address, house number, zip code, city, province and country;
b) Contact details: email address and telephone number;
c) Order details: order number, event name, date of purchase, proof of payment (eg. Bank statement), any ticket numbers to be canceled (these can be found on the relevant ticket);
d) Well-founded and clear reason for cancellation including with burden of proof as mentioned before;
e) Bank details: account number, IBAN number, BIC/SWIFT code and bank name.

• Novotix will process your request as soon as possible, but will not cancel your purchase and your ticket if you fail to meet these obligations. Please note that you personal information provided to Novotix by submitting a refund request. Novotix will only use this information to process your cancellation request and refund, in accordance with Novotix's privacy policy. By requesting cancellation and refund, you agree to the processing of the information you provided in accordance with this privacy policy. If Novotix decides to cancel the purchase and refund your ticket, Novotix will refund the refund as soon as possible after the date of the process the event by transfer to your bank account. Any refund is only possible take place after the date of the event, when it is clear that the ticket has not been used.

Additional rules if more than one ticket is purchased per purchase
If more than one ticket is purchased per purchase, only those persons whose identity is disclosed at time of purchase considered cardholders. The eventual cancellation of a purchase by Novotix will not automatically apply to all tickets purchased per purchase. Each ticket holder must submit an individual request for cancellation and Novotix will process each request consideration in accordance with the rules applied by Novotix as described above. In the In the event of a refund of one or more tickets, the refund will be made – as far as possible – on the bank account of the person who actually bought and paid for the tickets.