Checking in visitors

Visitor check-in has never been easier

Checking in visitors via the Novotix checkin app has never been easier. Create as many team members as you want for the scan app. You can assign rights and events separately for each team member. In addition, our app works both online and offline.

In addition to the Novotix checkin app, we offer a number of options with which visitors can be checked in.

Create an account

Checkin App

Attendee check-in app as ticket scanner

User accounts can easily be created via the Novotix Dashboard for using the checkin app and putting together a scanning team. Depending on the situation, you can assign events and rights per user​.

Dashboard Checkin

Checking in visitors via the front office application on a laptop or tablet

In addition to the fact that our attendee checkin app can be used to check in visitors for your event, it is also possible to use our front office application for this. Checking in tickets with the front office application works by connecting a USB barcode scanner to a laptop or tablet.