Marketing tools that help promote events

Through the Novotix platform you have a number of handy marketing tools at your disposal that offer support to stimulate your products with potential visitors, on every conceivable platform.

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Send guest tickets for free

You can send free guest tickets to invited guests via the Novotix Dashboard. This can be useful, for example, for inviting relations or sponsors. This can be done in various ways, for example by creating a separate sales channel and linking free tickets to it or by using our guest tickets module. Our guest tickets module has been expanded and also comes back with various statistics.

Campaign tracking

Tracks whether a paid ad is effective with campaign tracking

Within our marketing tools it is also possible to create so-called campaign tracking URLs. This link keeps track of exactly what the activity is within, for example, a paid social media campaign. Use these links instead of the sales channel link to keep track of the number of clicks, how many orders have been created, how much turnover has been generated and ultimately how many visitors have checked in afterwards. You will also see various graphs per campaign tracking that help to measure the time span when the campaign has the most effect.

By means of tracking urls you collect valuable data that helps to stimulate sales.